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About Silver Scott

Silver Scott Digital Holdings is building a diversified enterprise built strategically on the next generation of digital economy assets.

Silver Scott's Growth Strategy

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Cognitive Crypto

Achieve mass adoption of education in cryptocurrency investing and trading across the professional community.

Cognitive crypto continues to rapidly grow the membership of DIY crypto traders who mistakenly thought they were too busy or not knowledgeable enough to take advantage of the 24/7/365 volatility of the global crypto market.


Continue to grow the balance sheet through strategic diversification in ndau to maximize returns by hedging the current inflation environment with assets that historically experience significant price appreciation.

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Crypton Media

Partnering on an NFT platform that will allow the next generation of traders and collectors to connect and create and be a part of something other than stocks and currencies.


Crypto exchange that offers a type of pick-and-shovel strategy positioned to profit significantly from the Blockchain Boom, which according to the experts is 10x more valuable than the Internet, projected to skyrocket 7,953% from $4.9B today to nearly $395B by 2028. (

SILS Investing in Blockchain

Similar to other assets, there are a variety of ways to add Blockchain exposure to your portfolio.

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Hedging with Considerable Upside Potential

Hedging against fluctuating fiat currencies while achieving a reliable long-term store of value with appreciation.

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Partnership with an
NFT Platform

Research and investment in the “white hot market for non-fungible tokens” 

 Yahoo Finance 12/2/21

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Trade with an

Actionable intelligence with white-glove personal coaching service. Make 24/7/365 volatility your ally. Experienced traders and newbies welcome.

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Where Experts Trade

Kraken is the 4th largest global crypto exchange. It offers a feature-rich trading platform for individual cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well as large institutional trading firms.

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